SmartWare no longer sees MyCloud


I have had a MyCloud NAS for several years and when I opened SmartWare on my PC today, it did not show MyCloud as a target for back up. I uninstalled and updated to the most recent version of SmartWare and I can access the Public directories in the MyCloud in FileExplorer via a mapped drive but it still the NAS does not appear as a target. I can also browse to it via the static IP address and get the login screen for MyCloud. It does not show up in the Network view in FileExplorer.

Any suggestions?


My suggestion. Start with a reboot of your My Cloud NAS, then your computer, then check SmartWare again. What computer operating system are you using?

It’s Windows 10 and I did restart both devices. I can now see the MyCloud in FileExplorer network listing, but SmartWare still does not see it.

The same thing happens on a brand new PC I am adding to the network, I can map a drive to WDMyCloud, use a browser to get to MYCloud via the static IP address, but SmartWare does not see it.

Try repairing SmartWare. Open the Control Panel in Category, click on Programs>Uninstall a program, scroll down to WD SmartWare and select it then at the top click on Repair. See if that helps.

Just getting back to this, I repaired it and it still gives me a problem when I run SmartWare, it does not show any backup targets. I can browse to MyCloud using the local IP address and log in as Admin. I have the MyCloud set up as a DLNA server for music, so it is accessible. It’s an older MyCloud, would that make a difference?