WD MyCloud EXT4 Can't Format Drives


I’m setting up my MyCloud EXT4.  I insert the drives when asked and it tells me to format…I do and nothing happens…it says that it will take 10 minutes…but I get no status indicating that anything is happening (I’ve let the process run for 30 min and still nothing)…when I click on the next button it first tells me there is a format error and then restarts the process…asking me to insert the disks and then format…


I have a MS in Computer Science…I’m a Computer Hardware Instructor, CCNA Instructor…so I do have some skills :slight_smile:

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If possible, access the dashboard and perform a system only restore. and try that again.

This happens when I run the initial setup…Haven’t gotten any further…it loops around and I can’t get past the formatting issue; so, nothing to “restore” from.

Thanks for the Reply…


Performing a factory restore will help the unit to clear all the information and it will run a a fresh setup

If that doen’t help, try contacting WD Support for further assistance.

WD Contact info: http://support.wdc.com/country/index.asp?lang=en%22