Question about EX4

Hi everybody, I recently bought the EX4 unit, mainly because I wanted to “collect” 3 netdrives I have (2Tb+1Tb+1Tb). I thought it should have recognize every single HD and I hopefully thought I could map them more or less in a similar way using some kind of “WD discover” utility… It seems I’m totally wrong. Both the setup and the browser procedure are asking to FORMAT every HD… and they’re full of stuff. Is there a way to mount volumes without formatting on the EX4?Is formatting mandatory in order to setup everything?

Thank you

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

On this case the unit will format the drives in a Ext4 file system in order to have the drive working on the unit and make it visible on the network, my best advise on this case is to get the data out of the drives and then once the drives are formatted and the unit is setup put the data back in.