I think I messed up My Cloud

I think I messed up my cloud after format whereas I actually wanted Factory Restore FULL.
What is next step to completely restore it to FACTORY DEFAULT ?
Now When I login at mycloud it shows “Path not found 400044”.

Now Whenever I open admin page it says It is formatting. I am not sure where will I end up after formatting. Is it going to be like formatting windows ?

Dr Khan

If you have selected Full Factory Restore, it will take a very long time (could be a couple of days), as it performs multiple, destructive overwrite passes on the entire disk.

Quick Factory Restore merely deletes the file system index (as well as reverting settings to factory default).

So “Format Disk” is the right option I used ?

What will happen after this ? Right now it shows 25 % done.

How did you do ‘format disk’? From Windws/MacOS, or somethng else?

I don’t think there’s a ‘format disk’ option n the Dashboard. The MyCloud is a NAS, not a simple external HDD, and you don’t get access to format the drive. All acceses are via a file server or media server.

Do you have the basic, single-drive MyCloud?

Yes basic single drive my cloud it’s 8 TB.

Well option to format disk is there under the dashboard.

Do you mind advising me more ?

You must have a different drive to me, probably a Gen2 device. I don’t have a format option, and I can’t see a format option in the Gen2 user manual. So I don’t think I can offer any further advice other than ‘wait’…