WD My Cloud - Windows 11 - Cannot access

Hi everyone.
Just installed W11 Pro on my system and I have a small issue with the connection for my cloud nas.
Before on W10 everything was ok - it has 5.17.107 firmware installed.
I have SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support checked in windows.

  1. I’m able to login in the browser to access it’s settings.

  2. If I’m trying to see it’s folder in windows explorer I get the following error :

  3. I’m also able to see it’s media folders/content from : This PC\Storage

I miss something from initial setup? Should I login somewhere else?
Thanks for any reply.

This PC\Storage
It’s workgroup is different…matters?

I must connect to it’s cloud in order to access it’s folders on pc?

None of those you showed seem to be MCH (My Cloud Home)? which this subforum covers. Perhaps head over to the WD Community above and then go to OS3 or OS5.


so my goal is to access files offline… from the NAS. I’m the admin.
The other user from the network can access it without any issue (as before).

@Secttor Yes, change the workgroup to workgroup so its the same.

Dashboard Settings, Click on, tap, or activate image to enlarge it.

@cat0w - made the changes for the workgroup but… no result yet. still no access,offline :expressionless:

I don’t have Windows 11 at this time. I am waiting for it to be available and ready for my new laptop. Does it have, File Explorer? The image below is from my desktop using Windows 10, File Explorer.

What happens if you click on Network to the right of Storage under Computer (3)? Does the name of your device show?

It has File Explorer, of course.
Number 4 is the device, is visible…and if I double click on it I receive this :

Also… if I double click Storage under media devices I can access media folders from it (in browser)… interesting?