WD My Cloud remote access issues

I was able to successfully mount my share folders to my windows 8.1 pc.  However, after working with an Excel file I was prompted to enter my username and password to save it.  I know my password, but I was being told it was incorrect.  I tried a different variant of the same password and that worked.  Confused, I made several more changes to the file and tried saving again.  This time I had to use yet another variant of the same password to complete the save.  Can anyone tell me what is going on?  Why is my password changing?  I can’t seem to save files at all now.

Welcome to the WD Community,


Make sure that the share is properly mounted.

Also make sure that you are selecting the option to reconnect at logon.

Are you trying to save the files to a private share? If yes, try using the username and login for that share.

Have you tried saving the file to a public folder?