Intermittent "Access Denied"

Recently, I have been having problems trying to access my 4TB WDMYCLOUD device. I can access it via the WD software (either the software that you open from the grey icon to set up users, shares, etc, or the software that you access from the white icon with the blue cloud symbol for exploring the contents of the folders). However, very often over the last week or so, I have been unable to access my folders (except the public folders) via Windows Explorer. Even if I disable the requirement for a password from within the WD software, I still cannot access my private folders. I have tried editing/recreating the Windows credentials for this drive, but that hasn’t worked either. I have also tried disabling Norton Internet Security, but still no joy. I am running Windows 8.1 with all recent updates applied. Has anyone any advice as to what might be causing this and how I can fix it? Until recently, I have not had any such problems, so I’m guessing that either a Windows or WDMYCLOUD firmware update has broken something.

you are probably connecting to a public share 1st then that is all you can connect to. disconnect all shares, you might need to clear credentials then connect to a private share

this is a windows (and maybe mac) issue, you can only connect from 1 PC as 1 user on a remote computer so if your username is brian_e, brian_e or public needs access to any shares you need and you need to connect as brian_e before public otherwise all connections are as public

Thanks for the idea Larry. How exactly do I disconnect from everything though?

depends on what you have connected

if you mapped any shares in file exporer or command prompt then unmap them. in a command prompt enter net use and it will show drive mappings

if you installed smartware change the config or kill it in task manaeger

any other utilities? backup software etc

Hi Larry

I think I may have solved it (at least, that is to say, I can access it from Windows Explorer at the moment). What I did was I enabled public access for my shares, and after accessing them successfully from Windows Explorer, I turned off public access again and re-enabled access for each individual share (which, during the enabling of the public access process, had reset all of them to “no access”). I guess the test will be when I reboot my computer.

Spoke too soon - no access again this morning. I have tried logging out of it, switching it off, diconnecting using the WD explorer software, deleting my credentials and recreating them, but still no access via Windows Explorer (I put my password in, but it keeps being rejected). The only access I have is through the WD software, but that’s no good for my SyncBack Pro backup software. I’ve tried running the Windows troubleshooter, but that doesn’t offer any possible solutions either. Has anyone any other ideas?