Connecting to second pc on network


I apologise if this has been asked before, please direct me to the appropriate thread.

My wd mycloud is connected to a network with 2 windows 7 pcs on. Both can view the public folders but I have a folder that we don’t want friends who have access to the public shares to see. PC1 can open the folder and view everything as a folder in the network. PC2 says access denied, please see network administrator (that’d be me but I am not good at troubleshooting). I tried to change folder properties on the WD device using PC1, but access is denied by the device.

Is this something I just cannot do with the WD mycloud device??

Is this something I need to change on the WD mycloud device??

Is this something I need to change in my network??

Thanks for any help / suggestions. 

PS. out of the office until the morning now. 

the PC that is not working probably connected to a public share 1st so they become the public user and can not connect to a private share

disconnect all shares including smartware if using then try again. somtimes it will take a PC reboot or clearing credentials to fully clear the prior connections

Windows only allows a PC to connect to a remote server as one user at a time so never start with public. I don’t even use any public shares