My cloud and network

hi, i have just purchased my cloud fro PC World. I was advised that i could conect on 2 different networks, one being at home and the othe at work. i have tried but can only access the one from home (when i am there) but cannot set up on the computer at work. Can anyone help me to do this? thanks in advance.

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I believe you have been provided with incorrect information as you can not connect the device to two different networks as it only accepts the IP, subnet and gateway configuration from one network at a time. What you can do though is access the device remotely from a different network using the website or the WD My Cloud desktop app.

What is the method you are using to access your device remotely from your work computer? And what error message do you receive?

thank you for your reply.  i do not get an error message as such, but only dropbox is available to back up files to. what i realy need to do is a full backup and then incremental as files change. the computer is at a place that opens between 11:00 and 23:00 and is in an unmaned office.  hope this helps

This is expected behavior then. WD SmartWare will only detect your WD My Cloud while your computer is on the same local network. It is unable to perform remote backups.

thank you for your time and patience

No problem.