Wd my cloud is not visible in LG webos smart share app

Hi all,

I bought new LG 42LB671 Smart 3D TV and I’m struggling to make visible MY Cloud to web os.

Configuration is the same, like on this instruction


Web os is up to date, also my cloud firmware.

Configuratuon on router should be fine because I can access my cloud from mac and pc, also tv can open my cloud  from tv browser.

Do I need somehow to connect web os smart share app to wd cloud?

thanks in advanced.

Looks like plain DLNA.  Is that enabled?  Does DLNA work from your phone or from a PC with VLC?

That stupid thumbnail generater **bleep** may be still running.  I would kill those two services permanently.


DLNA works with my phone also with PC.

How to kill that processes?

Does the TV support DLNA? just because it is a smart TV doesn’t mean it does. I have a smart TV & bluray player that don’t support DLNS. I also have a non-smart TV that does support DLNA

they are also bad at letting you know if it is DLNA, my TV that does have it does not show it in the manual,

TV supports DLNA LG 42LB671 


Here is the screenshow how my smart share looks. 

I can see Plex server from my ps, also I can see PC, USB and internal TV memori but no WD :frowning:

My TV is connected to D850L router with UTP ethernet cabel.
WD is connected to router with UTP ethernet cabel.

Problem solved. BC1111 was right. DLNA wasn’t enabled in WD cloud settings. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 6.18.09 PM.png

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