EX4 WDMyCloud - Can't stream to LG TV?


Thank you so much WD Community. I was beginning to worry as I was reading “no longer supported” and the likes when searching with a few keywords to fix my problem.

The issue I had was that “Settings” was further to the right in the icons and unlike my previous cloud you have to click the little slideshow icon “>” until you went past Apps and then into Settings. I’ve made a comment to WD to scale down their icons to allow all icons to be visible in one look rather than scrolling.

Once I found the Settings it was apparent that the media serving was not on, only that I was “allowing” media sharing from a folder but not enabling other devices such as my TV to view the content.


Hello WD Community,

I recently bought a secondhand WDMyCloud EX4 8TB to replace my old WDMyCloud 2TB and have discovered that it isn’t showing up on my LG TV where my other cloud normally shows what content I have on my Cloud (directory listing). I have disconnected the 2TB WDMyCloud incase it was interfering with connectivity.

I have… rebooted the router, rebooted the EX4 and have also switched the tv off at the wall for an extended period of time. All measures haven’t proved to help. I understand that Plex is no longer supported but surely there is a way for the device to serve the content from my EX4 to my LG TV as my much older cloud has done previously?

Your assistance will be forever greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Is Twonky pre-installed on the EX4? Is this possibly missing?

It should be when it leaves WD’s factory and lands on the retail shelf

Stream media to your connected devices Stream videos and photos to connected TVs,
media players, gaming consoles and other DLNA®/UPnP® devices. Features a Twonky and DLNA-certified media server.

I only own a WD My Cloud 2TB …but the DLNA settings are in

Settings > Media > DLNA Media Server > On

Would assume the EX4 has similar settings