My Cloud and Smart TV

I have just purchased a My Cloud for use with my LG TV model no 42LB6500-TH.
It shows up as a device ‘Twonky’ in my Smart Share but when i open it, its empty.
I am not very tech savy so any help would be greatly appreciated. .

@MARK_EGGINTON First, What do you mean, it’s empty? You say you just purchased your My Cloud, so what have you uploaded to it so far?

You have left out a lot of information, the more info you provide the easier it is to help.

Use this link for more info on your My Cloud.

The image below is of my Dashboard showing media devices. Does your TV show up here, have you tried a Rescan or Rebuild of your DLNA Database? Be sure to read all information and Help info provided before doing a Rescan or Rebuild. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

If you are not tech savvy you need to look into the complete user manual on your My CLoud or download it,

The short answer to you question is many of us have a My Cloud on our network that devices (such as smart tvs ) can access. and the MC must have media data on it. If it does, then it must be date that is in DNLA format your TV understands. For example, if all your movie data is in ISO files the TV will tell you MC is empty, because it cannot read that format. Movies need to be in mp4 or mkv format.

Read the manual , especially the part about setting up shares and DLNA.

Thanks all.
I have some reading to do.

Also read the unofficial Twonky FAQ…