Remote Access and LG TV Connection

I’ve recently got a WD My Cloud 3TB for Christmas, I’ve set it up fine and it works perfectly but I just have a couple of questions about it and whether if it can work.

Apologies if these questions have been asked before.

1) Remote Access

I’ve installed the WD My Cloud App for iPhone and it works perfectly. However, because it’s an iPhone it won’t play my .avi and .mkv videos. Which I understand. So I’m using a 3rd party software to convert the files over Wi-Fi (PlayerXtreme and MoliPlayer) which work great. But, I want to access My Cloud drive outside my network, i.e on a 3G network away from home. Is this possible to setup? It asks for a IP address or a smb address on the apps but I can’t seem to connect it Can anybody help me on this one?

2) LG TV Connection

I currently have a LGTV with Plex. I understand that the My Cloud drive won’t work on Plex unless my PC/Laptop is on, and it’s difficult to crack this. Is there anyway that I can access My Cloud drive without my laptop on through my LGTV? It won’t work in SmartShare, is there an app which can help?

Thanks in advance =)

The MyCloud comes with Twonky DLNA server which should/must be recognised by Lg Smart Share.

hvalentim wrote:

The MyCloud comes with Twonky DLNA server which should/must be recognised by Lg Smart Share.

Well I went onto it last night without the PC/Laptop on and it couldn’t find it. 

  I have had my LG Smart TV and WD cloud drive for close to a year.  I had the cloud drive first and when I got the LG TV I was surprised it picked it up right away and I was able to view videos and photos.   Now several months later and I wanted to show a friend a video and the LG TV no longer sees the WD Mycloud drive on the same network… I know of no changes to the network and all acess to the WD drive still works remotely from my mobile devices, any idea why I have lost contact from my TV?



It was working on my LG tv only a month ago and then when the new lg update happened it stopped working on my LG tv as well. And i dont have a clue why. So if thats any help to you or if someone could help both of us that would be great.


Glad its just not me then! Anyone else?


LG TV’s with smart will be able to use your WD My Cloud.

But the menus look different on different models/years and often the initial network connection is a bit delayed.

The look and feel is also a bit slow compared to a real mediaplayer like boxee box.

The first thing to check if you are connected to your network via settings.

Then your wd my cloud is found under “Smart Share”.

Here I would download the manual for your tv via to see where it’s located on your tv.

(once you found your wdmycloud go to video and all folders)

Sorry, but it’s so different on different models that it’s hard to give a better answer.

Cheers, Niklas


If you find other shares like from computer it can be on page 2.

It might also be worth changing your Workgroup in setting on wdmycloud to the same as your computer

or a working device

Thanks for the reply. My LGTV see’s ‘WDMYCLOUD’ but when I click to open it, it displays ‘No file found’.

Mine does the same it says WDMYCLOUD and then no file