Problems with LG TV access

Hi have just bought a 4TB My Cloud when I log into my drive via my LG smart TV I can only see the public folders Photos, Videos etc I cannot seem to be able to access the seperate user account I created for myself any ideas??

What method (DLNA, etc.) is the LG TV using to access the My Cloud? If DLNA, then ONLY those Shares for which Media Serving has been enabled through the My Cloud Dashboard, and which contain supported media (video, music, pictures) will be displayed or available through the TV’s DLNA client.

If you have not already done so you should read the User Manual for your TV and the User Manual for the My Cloud ( to learn about the features (and limitations) of each device.

If one is using DLNA then they should review the following unofficial FAQ for the Twonky Media Server that is embedded within the My Cloud.