WD My Cloud on LG Smart TV

My LGTV is seeing my MyCloud without any issues but when I go to look at the folders on the mycloud the only thing it’s picking up are the pictures, not the videos. For example a folder with only videos on it is not appearing but if the folder happens to have a picture it’s loading but only the pictures, not the videos are coming up. Has anyone else had this compatibility issue?

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Do you experience this behavior with all DLNA devices on your local network? Do you see the videos when you try to access them from a tablet or phone?


esh-just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, try using different formats for the videos. My smart TV is a different brand, but supposed to recognize 3 or 4 formats. But it seems the “smart tv” is dumb, and only recognizes 1 of those formats right away. The others are recognized “willy nilly”, as in whenever the TV feels like it.