WD My Cloud is not backing up

I am using WD Smartware in conjunction with WD My Cloud. In one particular folder that I am very keen to have backed up promptly and completely, I notice that it hasn’t backed up anything since 1 February. I have added quite a number of files since that date, including today.
FYI, I turn WD My Cloud off at night and then back on during the day. I don’t know whether that is a problem but surely shouldn’t be!
Please can I have some advice as to why my files aren’t backing up. Note that when I go into the file list in WD Smartware the files in question are there and ticked.

@Brenda1 First, do you own a My Cloud or a My Cloud Home? Your topic is in the My Cloud Home sub-forum, but since you are using SmartWare I take it you have a My Cloud.


What type of backup do you have set in SmartWare? Is it continuous or scheduled?

Why do you turn your My Cloud off at night?


Yes I have a MyCloud. Sorry for that confusion.

I have a continuous backup scheduled.

I turn it off at night along with all of our other devices as a safety precaution and don’t wish to change that. I don’t recall seeing anything that suggests it has to be switched on all the time.

Thanks for your help.

Some further information: I have tried going into scheduling and changing it to monthly and then clicking on Backup now. It backs up a few files and then appears to stop. I keep checking the particular folder I am concerned about but it doesn’t change. I have done this a couple of times and for about an hour now there has been no increase in the number of files backed up. So this doesn’t appear to be the answer either, although obviously a few more files have been picked up.
I am getting very frustrated with WD MyCloud and WD Smartware. They are not doing what I understand they should be doing.

And more: I have been doing the same again today i.e. telling it to Backup now. Each time I do it, it backs up a few more files and then stops. What is going on here please and would appreciate some help soon, as it is now some days since I originally asked for help. And it still hasn’t backed up the newer files in the folder I have been checking regularly.