WD My cloud home Mac OS network map

Brought this drive a couple of months ago to use as a Plex server connected to my BT smart hub.

Connected everything up and it was very easy. I then mapped the drive to my network on my Mac by following the instruction on this support forum.

This gave me fast file transfers when home or away and a nice drive icon on my home screen.

Following a power cut, I had to change my home hub as it bricked. Once I connected the new hub the network would not map again.

No matter what I do I can not connect to this drive unless I go through the web or the apps on my mobile device.

The result of this is that file transfers are painfully slow. When I try to connect as a network drive it doesn’t find the drive or it asks for a username and password, which I’ve tried everything.

Ive tried renaming the drive and searching for this after and still no joy.

Basically I have a cloud device that is no better than one drive as everything can only be accessed through an app or web page.

Ive even reset the my cloud home device and subsequently lost over a TB of files.

What am I doing wrong that was so easy to set up initially? Any advice would be great. But I’ve spend the last 2 days reading these forums and getting nowhere.