My Cloud Home Network Import Tool

Hi -

I purchased a new WD My Cloud Home product, and I had an older WD My Cloud product which had all my data.

I’m using MacOS, and both products are working well independently.

I’m trying to move data from the older WD My Cloud product to the new WD My Cloud Home product using “Network Import” app on the latter.

However, when I run the Network Import app on the WD My Cloud Home, it says “No network shares available to slurp”.

The WD My Cloud share is readily seen in MacOS Finder, etc. and is working well, so not sure what the issue is.

Does anybody have any ideas?

I don’t have a solution but just thought I would let you know I have a similar problem with my new drive connected through my network. I am using a Mac. MyCloud drive shows up but when I click on it nothing happens!!!

I’m running into a similar issue as well. I’m just using the app have both drives plugged into my home network and the upload fails at some point and you have to start over. It least that has been my experience so far.

Did anyone get any other response to this problem? I’ve just found the Network Import tool and getting a similar issue in that nothing happens when I click on MyCloud drive, no shares are shown, so it’s not a very helpful tool :frowning: