MyCloud/Mac Issues

I have owned a MyCloud for just over a year now. After much frustration and it never working properly, I disconnected it. Recently I hooked it back up again. It is hardwired to my Nighthawk router.

Now, the normal issues I experienced were Time Machine backups failing, WD Smartware not recognizing the device to allow backups using WD’s software, and the network status constantly showing no connection despite signs that say otherwise. I’ve browsed the Help section and the instructions for changing the network settings do not match what I am able to select (nothing). It mentions selecting a network from the left menu or something like that. Nope, I don’t have that ability. I can’t even see a list of networks to choose. Now, also, I have the thing hardwired as I mentioned. So why is there a constant “no internet” status?

Since re-hooking up the device, my Mac doesn’t give me access to the drive for some reason. Same with my WD MyPassport for Mac which I have tried to access both via USB on my Mac and USB on the MyCloud (piggybacked).

What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I get to my files? Why can’t I have my little personal cloud like the product advertises? Why can’t I change the network settings? I’m at a loss here. I’m not a Luddite but I am also not an IT professional. I feel I’ve done as much troubleshooting on my own as I can but I don’t know where to turn. I feel like I am just going in circles. I think at this point, I want to extract my files, wipe the thing and buy a different device. Please help! Thank you.

What specific My Cloud model and firmware version are you using?

Have you tried assigning a static IP to the My Cloud in the Nighthawk administration screen?

Is the front LED of the My Cloud blue?

Can you access the My Cloud Dashboard?

It is just a WD MyCloud 4tb drive. Firmware version 04.05.00-320.

No, I have not tried to assign a static IP because I have no clue how to do that.

Yes, the LED is blue and I can access the dashboard.

On a Windows system you can do arp -A. I would think you also can do the same on a mac.’
This command will list all of the mac and ip addresses is knows about. You can check to see if you My Cloud is listed. The mac address of the My Cloud is in the bottom of the unit. If the mac address is in the list. You can use the ip address next to the mac address to access the My Cloud. When the
mac address is not in the arp list. I’ve also used a program called wakeonlan. It scans the network and displays all devices it can see.

It may be time to download a user manual for your router, and find out how to use it.

Ok, thanks. I’ll check it out this evening when I get home. Should this solve the issues I’m having with choosing the network it is connected to? Given my original post, would there be anything else I should do to make the WD work properly?

It’s almost impossible for us to say; remote diagnostics is very difficult. All we can do is suggest things to chip away at; things that frequently cause problems. And changing IP addresses due to DHCP lease timeout is a common problem with devices disappearing from the network. But you may have other network problems such as faulty devices, faulty cables, clashing static IP addresses, etc.

A hint: you may not need to set a truly static IP, you may only need to set ‘infinite DHCP timeout/lease time’, or ‘always use this address’, or some similar wording.

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