WD My Cloud - New user - Trying to setup via BT hub No go? Help!

Hi Folks,
I,m definitely a new-be at this stuff ( so please be gentle with me )
Just purchased a WD My cloud hard drive thingy
Has anyone else managed to get these units talking to each other
using a BT home hub router?
Iv’e tried running the wd setup program > It can,t find my device!
Iv’e run the BT my-network which shows it as network device 1
but Iv’e no idea how I get them linked ?
Any suggestions greatly appreciated
Regards Roly

Hi, Do you have Windows or Mac? Is your computer connected wired or wireless to the router?

Here are some links with information that may help you. On the first one be sure to click on My Cloud │ How it works.

My Cloud │How it Works

My Cloud User Manual


Hi Iluna -
Sorry I forgot to say -

I’m on Windows 7 -
Connect using a hard wire ethernet cable dirrect into the BT Home hub
Regards Roly

Hi Cat0w’

Been there tried that ??

Iv’e watched the vid tutorial for set-up procedours - but it gets stuck part way through
:-ie Window opens & states it’s looking for WD devices > but it can’t find any!
So I don’t get to proceed any further
It just Says " No devices Found"

I’m stuck in never land again??

Regards Roly

What is the MyCloud front LED indicating? It should be blue. If it is flashing yellow, you have a problem connecting to the router.
What are the LEDs on the Ethernet port at the back of the MyCloud doing? One should be lit yellow or green, and the other should be flashing intermittently. If they are both dark, you have a problem connecting to the router.

If you have a problem connecting to the router, try a different port on the router, try a different cable, try blowing fluff out of the connector, try jiggling the plug in the socket.

If that looks okay, dig out the ‘getting started’ leaflet that came in the MyCloud box, and follow the instructions for Mobile Devices. If you can get to the ‘Dashboard’ of the MyCloud, you should be connected okay. Then you can use the Dashboard to set up the MyCloud.

If you can access the MyCloud, you can map it into the Windows file system. See p23 of the user manual.

Then read the rest of the manual to find out how to use the features of the MyCloud.