WD MyCloud won't connect on any device, nor through ethernet

Desperate for some expert help from you guys. Can not connect in any way to WD MyCloud device. Was working fine and had a week or so without using and now I can’t hook up to it through either of my two Mac laptops, nor my phone. Tried to plug in directly through ethernet and dashboard doesn’t work and can’t find a URL address that works to access the drive (if that’s the thing I should be doing). Drive doesn’t pop up anywhere when I connect through ethernet.

As you may have guessed, I’m not particularly tech savvy but all was working fine and now it isn’t.

Drive has yellow/orange blinking light now if this is an indication of what’s going on.

Please help. My life is stored on this hard drive.

Thank you!

Try asking in the WD MyCloud forum …


As described on p10 of the user manual, a blinking yellow front light says it cannot find a network connection.

Check the cable, the connectors, try a different port on the router, re-boot the router.

Please help. My life is stored on this hard drive.

You do have a backup, don’t you…? You MUST have a backup for any data that is irreplaceable.

Thanks for the responses people. I’ve since uninstalled and reinstalled software for desktop plus setting up the hard drive from scratch again. This has seemed to work. I was concerned about turning the HD off without doing it properly through the dashboard (which I couldn’t access).

This has seemed to have sorted it. Although as I type this, I’m trying to access the HD again which my Finder is saying is connected, I can see all the folders on the HD but it won’t let me see/access any files. It also won’t let me totally disconnect. Hopefully this will be sorted when I restart my computer!