Is my drive a goner?

I have a My Cloud I have been using fine for a couple of years. It is attached via Ethernet to my router and the light on the router for that Ethernet cable is solid green. Where the Ethernet plugs into the back of the My Cloud is a blinking green.

However, the light on the front of the My Cloud is yellow - it will blink when I plug the Ethernet into it (once) and then blinks once every 60-65 seconds. It has been this way for a couple of months. After reading many topics on this board I am still not totally certain the issue.

When I try to open the dashboard, I get the “sit back while we connect you” and then “failed to connect to the device”.

I can click connect to devices with my WD login, which I know the password to, but no devices are found.

I can only see the drive when I choose “Show previously connected devices”, but I cannot connect to it.

I can see in the manual that a yellow light may mean that it is downloading an update. And the timing of the update in October is close to when I started to be unable to access the drive, so that might make sense. But after all this time it seems like it would be done downloading and allow me to access the drive, so that doesn’t seem like the right issue.

I also see that a yellow light may mean the drive has gotten too hot. I am not sure if that is the case but I did completely unplug it from everything for the past two weeks so if it is salvageable it should be cooled down by now, still the yellow light on the front (which blinks every 65 seconds or so), and green light on the back.

So is there a next step I can take to regain access to this drive? I have some time off this week to do some more troubleshooting if anyone has some ideas.

Thank you in advance!

Hi there :)… first off did you try to do the 40s restart? where you turn it off… press the restart button, keep it pressed and turn it back on, while holding the reset pressed for 40s ?

Hi there and thanks for the quick reply. I did do the 40 second reset the first week of December, nothing changed which was why I unplugged it for a while but I could try it again. When you say “turn it off” and “turn it back on” you mean unplug it and plug it back in, right? I don’t really have a switch to turn it off and on.

I should have also noted that I think this light is yellow - although really I would call it more cream. I don’t think it is white, which people describe as more of a lavender-white, this is definitely not lavender-white but more of a yellow-white, which I have assumed was yellow.

Would it do this kind of slow blink if it was updating firmware? Is there any way to know for sure?

yup thats exactly what I meant :)…

I have same problem with trying to guess what color it is… if yellow or white… well the only way to know if its upgrading firmware is to leave it over night turned on and if in the morning its still white/yellow then its time to either send it for RMA (back to WD so they can fix it) or take it apart and rewrite rootfs partitions… there is actually guide to unbrick the device without taking it apart

But I never tried it… taking it apart is quite a challenge but then it just get easier… well you will need SATA to USB cable so you can connect the drive to PC (with linux on it)

mefistos >>>> Hi there :)… first off did you try to do the 40s restart? where you turn it off… press the restart button, keep it pressed and turn it back on, while holding the reset pressed for 40s ?

I have seen this process described a few different ways, and I prefer the WD FAQ explanation which is similar but with subtle differences:

Performing a System Restore through the Reset button
The Reset button may also be used to perform a System Restore on the device. At the same time as the power is plugged to the My Cloud device, pressing the Reset button and holding it for about 40 seconds, will make the device to go through a System Restore instead of a Reset. This System Restore will not cause data loss, and all Private Shares will become Public Shares. For more information on System Restore, please see Answer ID 10433: How to restore a My Cloud storage device to factory default settings.

Ir appears one does not need to hold the power button in for 40 seconds, only the reset button.

You can’t hold the power button on the basic MyCloud; there isn’t one… So the sequence is:

Press and hold reset button
Insert power plug
Keep holding reset pressed for 40 seconds.

Yup, in agreement with how you re-phrased it. Since I do not have a basic My Cloud (I have a DL 2100 w/power button) did not know there was no power button on basic model. As I said, quite a few people say to hold in the power button while holding in the reset button during the 40 seconds, and I mistakenly thought that is what you said. Doing that does nothing, and one also needs to have a third hand!
BTW, almost none of my gadgets are without a power switch – if, (like many) a product does not come with one, I get one – a power line on/off switch. Pulling plugs to shut off power is ridiculous.

The single drive My Cloud units are not designed to be shut down due to the lack of an on/off switch or button . Instead one should either access the My Cloud Dashboard and click the Shutdown button under Settings > Utilities > Device Maintenance, OR issue the shutdown command via SSH (which is what I normally do). The lack of a physical on/off switch or button is an occasional complaint. The workaround is to use the shutdown command in conjunction with either unplugging the My Cloud or using a switched power strip.

For the single drive My Cloud units even after issuing the shutdown command the unit is still drawing some power as the network indicator lights will continue to indicate operation. Sadly this doesn’t mean Wake-on-Lan is available as that feature doesn’t appear to be included in the network port hardware/firmware.

never mentioned “holding a power button” so I dont really know what are you talking about… I actually told him exactly the same way to do the reset as stated in FAQ… so thanks for nothing I guess…

Well, you did say:

I know what a power button is and what a reset button is, but what exactly is a restart button? Your use of “restart” confused me; I thought you meant power button. Anyway, I corrected my misunderstanding and that should not have elicited the comment “thanks for nothing” from you; and no, I do not want to get into a [[DELETED]] match over this with you. Get over it; I did.