Yellow light blinking and unable to turn the drive on

Hi everybody,

My 4TB drive sometimes stop working and start blinking the yellow light. Then I turn it off and on by unplugging and plugging the power cord and everything works fine.
Last time it happened, when I tried to turn it on, the yellow front light started blinking and nothing happened, except by the yellow light. The ethernet green light in the back blinks in a normal way (I tested the modem and cable in my computer and both are working). It seems the hard disk is not working because I can’t hear any noise.
I tried to reset the drive also with no success.
Thank you in advance for any support.

@ubeer Do you own a 1st or 2nd generation My Cloud? Have you looked at the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud? Look at LEDs in the correct User Manual.

@cat0w It is a 1st generation unit and, yes, I looked at the User Manual including LEDs’ page, and was not able to find any possible solution to my problem. It says that yellow light blinking could mean a problem with Ethernet connection (definitely it is working) or hard disk temperature problem: too high or too low. In some way I think the hard disk is not spinning…
Any other idea or suggestion?
Thank you!

As a troubleshooting step, try putting a network switch between the My Cloud and the router/modem.

@Bennor I did what you suggested, but nothing changed. I don´t know if it´s normal, but both the orange front light and the back green light keep blinking whatever the ethernet cable is plugged in or not.
Thank you.