My Cloud - Yellow Blinking Light

Hi, I have a My Cloud 6TB NAS drive that showed yellow blinking light in the front LED indicator. It is no longer under warranty. There is no lights at the back Ethernet port when connected to my network. I suspect the Ethernet port is faulty. Rebooting the devices (4 secs reset using a pin) did not work. My question is - can I buy another similar device, and transfer this current HDD over into the new device’s enclosure? Will the ‘faulty’ device HDD works on a new similar enclosure?

Google wd my cloud yellow light. You will find several threads.


Thank you. I have read all the available threads under Google. I will attempt to remove the hard drive and re-attach it to a SATA Dock. Hope I can still read the data off the HDD.

See the User Manual P.10 for Yellow Light. I suggest turning it off and waiting until unit has cooled down then try restarting it. Second try your cable to another connection on your router or straight to your computer. Hope this helps.


Thank you for your advice. I have powered the unit off, left it overnight to cool off, but it is still the same blinking light the next day. Have been blinking for a few days now. Have also changed the cable and the router. I have not connected it straight to my computer, as I though connection to My Cloud needs to happen through a router. I will try that.

WD does not officially as far as I know sell an empty My Cloud single enclosure. One may be able to find one on ebay or the like though. Note the following will void the WD My Cloud warrantee. One can remove the hard drive from the WD My Cloud enclosure and connect it either to a computer using an SATA cable or one can mount the hard drive in an external SATA enclosure/docking station and connect that enclosure/docking station to one’s computer via USB or eSATA.

Note that Windows will not be able to read the drive contents. Instead one should use a Linux OS to mount and read the drive contents and perform any error checking on the drive. One can use a Linux boot disc/USB stick, there are many Linux versions available like Puppy or Ubuntu or Mint, and boot their Windows PC to the Linux boot disc/USB stick rather than booting into Windows.

Once booted into Linux one can access certain partions on the WD My Cloud drive and run certain error checking programs on those partitions. One can also clone or backup the drive contents from within Linux as well.

One further note. One will most likely have trouble accessing any share folder that has been set to Private via the WD My Cloud Dashboard. This is because of permission issues. One may be able to change the permissions to access those private shares but this may cause problems if one reinstalls and restarts the drive in the WD My Cloud enclosure.

Appreciate the comprehensive guide you’ve given! I am not a technical person, so it seems replacing the enclosure is an easier choice. Besides, I do have a private share that is password protected.

I have another smaller 2TB My Cloud, so I will transfer my current HDD over. The 2TB enclosure looks exactly the same as my damaged 6TB one.

I would like to ask if the smaller 2TB My Cloud enclosure can be used for the 6TB HDD, and can I expect it to work as usual (assuming that my 6TB HDD is not damaged) immediately once I transfer over. Thank you.