Mycloud drive not connecting to network

Hi. I have an old WD mycloud 2tb external drive that I’ve had on my network for the last 6 or so year. I use it to store my digital music collection, film collection and personal photos and I access it via WDTV devices that I have attached to my network, my Mac desktop pc and my windows laptop. I do not access it remotely from outside my home net work. The other day we had a power failure due to storms here in Italy and now I can no longer connect to this drive. Normally it appears on my list of available drives on my windows pc. And via an app on my Mac devices. Before anyone asks it was too old to have the software update that was sent out some time last year. Obviously the data is very personal to me. Any suggestions on how I can fix this issue will be welcome.


What WD device do you own and what firmware does the device use? Does it look like this?

Yes it does look like that. But I’m afraid I have no idea what firmware it’s using though. There was an update on firmware but it was too old to get though.

What is the LED light on the front doing, what color is it? What are the LEDs on the back doing if anything?

For the first generation WDMYCLOUD OS3 Firmware 04.xx.xx you need to get the Dashboard open and change the connection to static. You can try \\WDMYCLOUD or the name you gave the device.

You can check this sub-forum for more information or the Knowledge Base.
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The led on the front only comes on on start up and when the network cable is detached when it blinks and this is the normal state since it was installed . There are 2 green lights on the back where the network cable goes in. One blinks the other doesn’t. It also vibrates.
I’ll have a look at the link you given me, thanks.
If nothing works via software can the hard drive be removed and accessed like one in a pc can. Just trying to save the data. I realise that I might have to seek specialist help at this point.

Oh I can’t get Dashboard to work!