WD My Cloud EX4 - CANNOT acces to the Dashboard

Hallo everyone,
I cannot access to the Dashboard of my WD My Cloud EX4.
I can access to the files trough the Finder (I use Mac) and trough the icon of the cloud on my desktop, but when I try to access to the Dashboard on the IP, the username and the password are not correct!!
I reboot it and still the username and the password are not correct, while I still can access to files on the Finder!
Please help!!!

Hello, If you are able to see the dashboard but you you are unable to log in, you could try to reset the drive by pressing the button in the back for 4 seconds, this is NOT data destructive.

I cannot see the Dashboard cause I cannot log in! I see the content of the disk trough the Finder (as a guest) and trough the application “WD My Cloud”, but I cannot access to the Dashboard.

I’ve already tried the 5 seconds reboot as indicated here on the official online support http://support.wdc.com/KnowledgeBase/answer.aspx?ID=10432
but nothing has changed.

I tried also the powered-off reset as indicated here:

but, still, nothing has changed!

Please help!