WD My Cloud doesn't show as target drive for backups in WD SmartWare

Hi there, I guess I made a beginner’s mistake - just installed my first WD Cloud in my Local network (Ethernet Connection with Router and onward to Main PC). Copying files to the My Cloud works fine, but setting up the My Cloud for Backup does not:

When I Open WD SmartWare, it shows me two (USB-)connected local drives as possible backup targets, plus Dropbox - but not my My Cloud disk. Nowhere to be seen.

My WD SmartWare version is 2.4.13 (downloaded it just today from the WD website), the PC runs Win7.

Again, my apologies, it must be a stupid error, but the user manual couldn’t help me so far, so I’m turning to the community for help.


Hello and welcome to the WD Community.

Are you using the Pro version of the WD Smartware software? Does the Dropbox icon has a key on it?

Just in case, try resetting the My Cloud using the reset button on the back of the unit.

Hi ERmorel, thanks for your reply. Tried resetting, same situation. No, I don’t have the PRO version of WD Smartware, and my understanding is i don’t need it as long as I wish to use it on a WD disk. And, yes, the Dropbox symbol does have a key on it.

Just in case this information helps: Remote access to the MyCloud from outside my home network also works fine. There’s really just that one problem: WD SmartWare doesn’t show the disk as an eligible target for backup.

The transition into the New Year hasn’t changed the situation either :wink:

OK - next try: The MyCloud was originally connected to the router through a technology called Line21 that emulates Ethernet on existing phone wires (in-house) where it’s not practical to put in an Ethernet cable. Plus, it was linked through a LAN switch that serves 4 different devices.

In order to eliminate these possible sources of error, I moved the MyCloud immediately beside the router, linked directly with an Ethernet cable. No dice. Same effect as before: Normal access and copying files to the MyCloud works fine, but it’s still nowhere to be seen in WD SmartWare.

I even submitted a support ticket to WD about 4-5 days ago, no reply at all.

All this goes to show what a chaotic planet this one is.

Aaaahh - I swear it wasn’t working yesterday evening, but it does now. Well, at least I can see the MyCloud as a target volume for backup! Of course without any changes from my side… (the usual user statement, isn’t it?)