WD My Cloud crashes in few minutes after having attached USB HDD (My Book or Seagate)


I have two (out of four on home network) My Cloud 4Tdevices. Both of them crashe almost instantly (few minutes) after having attached an external USB HDD. In a first case it is My Book 4T (USB pendrive works well - no disconnection) and in the second one - Seagate 3T.

I would be deeply thankful for any piece of advice on the problem and the solution.

Thank you in advance.

Did you update the latest firmware ?

Of course I did.

Both disks (WD My Cliud) are brand new.

I have noticed that a powered USB drive make them crash. I have connected a pendrive and non powered WD My Passport 2TB external drive without apparent problems.

Two usb exernal drives in question (that make the MY Cloud disconect from network and Web UI) contain data.

On has an impression that my home network does not support any powered connection of a sort any more.

I suspect the difference is not the powered/unpowered nature, but the size.

Adding a large HDD to the USB port is likely to start indexing all that data, which may bring the MyCloud to a grinding halt, so that it appears to crash.

This may be of help:


Alternatively, there have been many reports of problems with the USB interface; have a look through the forums for similar threads.

Thank you very much.

Indeed the connected drivers are very volumineous - 3TB and 3.5.TB.

I think the USB connectivity is to be exluded. They work(ed) well with the USb attached drivers before and at present there is no problem with connection of a small-data-contains USB pendrive or an (almost) empty WD My Password TB.

I have just spoken to a WD technician. As usual the (almost) only and standars proposition is to replace the disk.

They do no intervention in SHH (as you can see I cannot even spell it correctly). They have (I have spoken to the first level support staff) no serious idea of the origin/source of the problem.

I have eplained the issue connection of a large volume USB external hdd and the potential problem of indexing - no reaction, or advice on the very issue. It is a shame. I suppose I can get more information from this forum that by direct conversation with WD Technical Support staff. I am very dissapointed.

I have been waiting for the presentation of the problem to a higher lever and its results.


As far as SSH is concerned I am affraid of loosing a warranty of this unfortune product ( putting it mildly) and above all I am not a Linux expert at all. In this case I would need a step-by-step clear and a very correct instruction of making some changes there.

Once more thank you very much for your present pieces of advice and (if any) those consequent ones.

Post Scriptum.

I have just added/connected an USB WD My Password (non powered) with 1TB data and the My Cloud 4TB disk’s been working well. No disconnection at all for a quite while as in the case of powered WD My Book with 3.7TB of data on it. WD MY Book keeps deactivating the WD My Cloud in about one minute.


I have also noticed that (all) four folders on My Book that makes WD My Cloud crash have the following attributes checked:

1. Folder is ready for archiving

2. Allow files in this folder to have contents indexed in addtion to file properties

Could this fact have any importance?

I have a 3TB wd red connected via usb and have had permentaly for months now will no issues. So size isn’t a problem. I haven’t upgraded to v4 firmware though.


Thank you for info.

Indeed, I have already read somewhere in this forum, that one has managed to connect data containing drive do main WD My Cloud by downgrading a firmware to version 3.

In my case connecting a My Book with 3.6TB and Seagate 2.7TB cases almost instantly My Cloud crash - disconnecting from network and Web UI.

WD Support Staff has already received my logs.They are supposed to work on the issu and take remedial action.

Hope with success. If not my disk will be refunded.

Meanwhile, shall I downgrade the firmware to v3?


I have to precise and emphasize that the problem is related only to a large volume data USB disk connecting to My Cloud. I have also two other WD My Cloud devices with My Book 4Tb and Seagate 5TB connected.

Those last two have been coneccted when they were brand new new, completely empty. with no data at all.

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