Issue with usb port

I have a 2Tb Western Digital MyCloud with Firmware 3.03.02.

The unit is working as expected but when I plug a Hard Disk o USB Flash Memory in the USB 3.0 port the NAS came irresponsive.

The system tray icon of WD Quick View application dissapear and MyCloud is no longer available in the Windows Explorer.

If I am connected using SSH the connection freezes and i retry a new connection.

If I unplugged the AC adapter and plug again the unit is showed again in the system tray.  But if I access a folder 

in the hard drive or USB the unit fails again.

The external hard drive is a USB WD My Passport Essencial NTFS formated.  

Is there a solution to this issue?

Thanks in advance for your help

This drive is powered from the USB port I suppose?  If so the inrush current is likely more that the USB port on the WDMyCloud and handle.  It works fine with a drive powered by its own power supply.  Something like a WD My Book 3TB Desktop USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Storage for instance.

Another option is to connect through a powered USB2 hub, I have this arrangement and can now attach 4 devices i.e

USB powered HDD, SD card reader, USB memory stick. etc the  WDMyCloud recognises all of them as Shares and they can be accessed individually through Windows Explorer

The issue happens with a Kingston USB Flash too, not only with the My Passport Essencial Hard Drive.

I did another test with Kingston USB pendrive and no proble found. I will test with a External Powered USB Hub.


Wd My Cloud disconnects/crashes after a “powered USB hub” is connected with external hard disks


Hello guys,

It seems the problem is much more serious.

  • I have Wd My Clud 4T fully working attached to the network.

  • I configured a powered USB 2.0 hub with 7 slot ports that I connected to the USB port of my white WD My Cloud; I attached 3 Hard Disks to this hub.

When I connect the hub My Cloud starts analysing it, it recognized 3 Hard Disks on 4 and after some minutes it does not reply anymore to web interface (disconnected? crashed?).

Please advise on how to fix this issue.



Well it really depends upon the USB hub that you are using.  The better ones are powered and completely isolate the devices from each other’s power.  The cheaper ones do not do that.  I found this out when working with the Raspberry Pi, not all powered hubs are created equal in this regard.  I believe that if you look into this issue over on the Raspberry Pi you will find a lot of useful information on this topic.

As said it is a new indipendent-powered USB hub with a plug to put in the electricity slot.

Well a lot of new powered USB hubs are designed incorrectly and do not isolate the power between the devices and the upstream device.

I disagree.

I spent 40 euro invane!

I tried 2 usb hubs:



in both cases only a single hard disk is recognized. If I put them in windows 8 no problems AT ALL.