WD My Cloud desktop program Windows 10 no connection to MyCloud Mirror Gen2 possible


i can’t get any connection to my WD MyCloud Mirror Gen2, Firmware is up to date (2.31.149) with the desktop program WDMyCloud_win.exe Version In the first step i can log in and my device is listet (picture 1). When i connect i got the screen in picture 2. If i log in again, i get the screen in picture 1. It goes round and round. There is always the message “Verbindungsherstellung zum Gerät nicht möglich” (no connection to the device possible). I turned my firewall of.
I have connection with web access and the cloud is in the Windows network too and earlier the Windows program works.
Any suggestions, what’s wrong? How can i get on the cloud without the windows network to copy files like it has been with possible with WDMyCloud_win.exe Version
Thanks for any help!

Hi peterpan19,

Unfortunately, the My Cloud Desktop Application for Windows and macOS has gone End of Life and is no longer supported to work with My Cloud firmware released after 03/2016. It is recommended to use MyCloud.com in a web browser or the My Cloud Mobile app on Android and iOS instead.

Hallo Brandon,
thank you for the information, that’s really sad. I liked it very much to copy large files from USB harddisk mounted in the cloud to the cloud. Only start it with the computer and the turn the Computer off, but copiing still running.
Maybee WD will make a new program.
Best regards