WD My Cloud.exe no longer connects

While WD Smartware finds both my units, and I can connect using “files.mycloud.com” the desktop app “WD My Cloud.exe” no longer sees the device that is on my network nor does it see either devices connected to my account. This seems to be happening to several users and for me, it is happening on both desktop computers and a laptop the program has run successfully on for a very long time. I can only assume it is a server issue for WD.

@David_Bennett I can get my old 1st generation My Cloud to open by continuing to click on everything until it opens but I can no longer add and open my 2nd generation My Cloud.

I’ll close it and use Steps Recorder to show what steps I have to take to open it.

I use a MyCloudEX2Ultra and all is good except for the App which I understand stopped working when the firmware updated on Dec.5 It could be they are discontinuing the App access in favor of web access, I hope not.