WD Discovery and my PC doesn't recognize the My Cloud home device


I install WD Discovery on my PC and have been using it and it was fine and few days back it stopped working. When I start the application, it doesn’t recognize the device now. It says "if you have a USB device just plug it into the computer OR “if you have a My Cloud device, sign into your account.”

When I put the cursor over the login button on the screen to sign in, the cursor changes to not allowed sign (red circle with slash). I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled with the same outcome.

My Windows is 64 bit and I should have the latest version I think (2.1.371). I have turned the device off and on several time. I have the same thing to my PC. I have turn off the firewall. Nothing has worked.

May anyone help…many thanks.

I have bought bought My Cloud - I have the same problem. Did you manage to sort? Thank you

No I have not. I hope someone knows the answer.


The My Cloud Home and My Cloud devices are NOT the same devices. They have different features and use different software. This subforum (My Cloud) is generally for the single bay My Cloud device which is DIFFERENT than the single bay My Cloud Home device. As indicated by another poster, if you have a My Cloud Home device see the dedicated My Cloud subforum:

The WD Discovery program apparently is currently ONLY for the following WD products: MyCloud Home, My Cloud Home Duo, WD Elements SE. If one is NOT using a WD My Cloud HOme device and actually has a My Cloud device then see the software subsection for the My Cloud device for software that supports the My Cloud device.


Mine is just the My Cloud - I had to download WD Smartware and then as a WD product owner they upgrade it to Pro as installing. Then from here you can download ‘apps’ including backup and currently running - kerching

@JGZ5 Which generation of My Cloud 1st or 2nd?

Just bought from Tescos (UK) and has rounded smooth front

@JGZ5 Firmware 02.xx.xx or 04.xx.xx ???