WD Discovery


I just install WD Discovery on my PC. However, when it starts, it doesn’t recognize the device. It says "if you have a USB device just plug it into the computer OR “if you have a MyCloud device, sign into your account.” I have the MyCloud Home plugged into the back of my router and have established an account.

When I put the cursor over the log in button on the screen to sign in, the cursor changes to a red circle with slash and I can’t press the button. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled with the same outcome.

Not off to a got start upgrading to Home…please help anyone…thanks…John


What version of Windows OS?
Is Windows 32 or 64 bit?
Can you attach a screenshot of the Login Screen before and after the cursor over?
Does the Login Screen look “Greyed Out” before the cursor over ?

It’s Win 10, 32 bit. I was able to install on my other computer which is Win 10 - 64 bit (which I found to be a requirement for the install). I haven’t gone back to the 32-bit machine which is our primary computer. I hope I’m able to somehow map a drive to access the files…John

The My Cloud Home Desktop App requires a 64-bit operating system to mount the remote drive. You can still access content using mycloud.com on the 32 bit computer

I too have a similar problem. WD Discovery desktop app (Vn 1.3.482) shows no connected devices but it works fine on two other computers. This one is a surface pro 4 running 64-bit Windows 10. I can access mycloud home via the browser interface but not the desktop app. Please can anyone help?

@Tedcom could you go into preferences menu and check what version of Discovery you are using? That screen leads me to think you might have an older version (1.x.something) that doesn’t support My Cloud Home. The correct version will be 2.x.x


My Cloud Home Product Team

Thanks Matt, that was indeed the problem. Not sure how I managed to download the older version initially but all works fine now. Thanks again for your prompt and helpful response.


Hi I have the same problem but I cannot find anywhere to download version 2.x.x. WD download site only has Version: 1.3.482.

Please can you tell me where I can download it?



WD Discovery 2.1 supports the My Cloud Home