Logging in via WD Explorer

I downloaded the WD my cloud desktop app, windows 10, and I am trying to connect to my my cloud. However, it will not let me click on the “Log in” Button. It is a wireless my cloud. and I have already set up the my cloud account. How do I log in and start using the app?

What do you mean?

The MyCloud does not have WiFi. It must be connected by ethernet cable to a router.

Have you set up the MyCloud via the Dashboard? If that means nothing to you, download and read the user manual.

When you first click on the Desktop app you may see this pop up.

If you do go ahead and click on Yes and the app should open.

How long have you owned your My Cloud and do you know if it is a 1st or 2nd generation?

Use this link for more information.


It is this problem. I let them know that my computer operates on a x64-bit operating system, 64-based processor.

That’s about the MyCloud Home device.

Do you have a MyCloud Home device? If so, you’re on the wrong forum.

If not, you’re yet another victim of WD’s confusing product naming…