Can't login to MyCloud Home

Hi, I have been a WD MyCloud user since the beginning many years back.
I have had the previous generations of this device.

Today I am trying to setup this Brand NEW MyCloud home that I purchased directly from WD website. But I can’t login from MS-Win-10 File Explorer.

Apple-005-4tb is my old MyCloud NAS drive on my home network.

I downloaded the WD Discovery app and setup an account and it works but when I try to login from my computer MS-Win-10 File Explorer window I can’t login.
What is the default username and password ?

Also I want to login in from the Dashboard to edit settings if it is still possible of has this feature been removed ?

Recommend resetting your admin account.

If you have a My Cloud Home, that unit is different than the My Cloud line of devices. The My Cloud Home does not have the “Dashboard” that the My Cloud line has/uses for device configuration.

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If you have a My Cloud device and not a My Cloud Home device, see the dedicated subforum elsewhere for your device since solutions for My Cloud Home problems/issues may not pertain or work on the My Cloud line of devices.

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For My Cloud devices, if one has forgotten their administrator password, used to access the My Cloud Dashboard, one can perform a 4 second reset.

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