Admin logon


I just got a WD My Cloud, it all works but I cannot logon the admin dashboard at all incorrect user or password, I have tried resetting but that didn’t work. Any ideas

I have the exact same problem.

My logon (email address) and password log me into just fine and allow me to see directories in a web browser window, but the same username/password are rejected when I enter the MyCloud Mirror IP address to access the Administrator dashboard. Is there a different “default” Administrator login and password I need to be using. I just received and installed the device today.

Your address and password are different from your mycloud device account. This is a common misunderstanding, due to poor explanation by WD. Your mycloud device user name is just your first name. Do not enter your email address.

If you reset the MyCloud, the administration password will be cleared (to no password). You will need the administration account name (either ‘admin’ or the first name of the administration user).

Read the user manual section on creating users, and the appendix on reset operations.


Turns out my “login name” to access the dashboard was the “Device Name” I created during initial setup. In my mind, a “Device Name” is a unique identifier for a Device, such as a name I create to identify a PC on my LAN. Never dreamed that “Device Name” = “User Name to log into device of another name.”

The documentation is atrocious. I was offered multiple solutions for my inability to log into the dashboard, none of which were correct!