MYCLOUD dashboard admin account and password

Just got the MyCloud this week. I am using it for the Mac. After WD MyCloud SW installation was completed, I was able to access the dashboard immediately without any password, obviously it is not very secure. My questions are

  1. How do I enable the admin account to the MyCloud dashboard?
  2. How do I change the MyCloud dashboard password
  3. Is it possible to change the dashboard admin user name to anything else other then “admin”

First, read the My Cloud User Manual if you haven’t already done so. Or see the Help within the WD My Cloud Dashboard. Both will explain how to enable a password on the administrator account, change the administrator user name, how to setup other users their passwords, and how to configure shares so they require a password to access.

Second, to enable the administrator password so the Dashboard prompts for it, navigate to Dashboard > Users > select the administrator user > User Profile >Password = On. To change the administrator user name, change the name in the User Name field.

The administrator account is generally the only account that can access the Dashboard once the administrator password has been enabled.

Thank you for the info. The info is on page 40 in the manual.
So I followed the instruction, enable the password, and type in the password.
Then I logout the account. But I am now not able to log back in. It said my password is invalid!
Any idea?

Close the web browser window (and any other open web browser instances). Then reopen the web browser and try again. Its possible the web browser is caching the previous access of the Dashboard. Also note that the password may be case sensitive too. If worse comes to worse, do a 4 second reset (see link below) which should reset the administrator password, and try again.

So when I reset the system using the 4 second paper clip, what username and password should I use please? My system times out when using the help files as I only have a broadband speed of 2.9mhz, which is the fastest I have ever had in 20 years. Seldom if ever times out on other pages.

You shouldn’t have to enter a password following a proper 4 second reset. You should I believe be taken right to the main Dashboard page. From there you can set the administrator User password.

Not sure what you mean when you say your system times out because you have a broadband speed of 2.9mhz. Generally broadband and local network speeds are not measured in “MHz” rather in megabits per second (mbps) or similar measurement. One’s broadband speed is not relevant if one is on their local network trying to access the My Cloud that is also on that same local network. Broadband typically refers to one’s service (and speed) they receive from their internet provider.