Unable to log into MyCloud device

I can’t log into my MyCloud through the wdmycloud.local/UI interface. What I’m trying is:
(0) Attempt logging in. It doesn’t work, saying “The user name or password entered is incorrect. try entering it again.”
(1) Log into the admin account, which works fine.
(2) Go into Users > (my name) > Edit password.
(3) Enter a new password.
(4) Log out of the admin account.
(5) Enter my username and new password. It still doesn’t work.

I’ve tried this several times. I’ve also tried turning the password off and changing the username of the account, but to no avail.


Normally, the only user that can access the dashboard is the admin user, you can access the dashboard on the EX2 and EX4, if I recall correctly and it is no the same dashboard as the admin one.

How do I access the files and folders on the drive if not through the dashboard?

If using a Mac you can access files/folders on the My Cloud using the Finder. If using Windows you can use Windows File Explorer. The Dashboard interface is used primarily for configuring features/options on the WD My Cloud.

If you haven’t already done so it is strongly recommended one read the My Cloud User Manual (http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/?id=439&type=25) as it explains various ways of accessing the My Cloud contents.