Unable to access my cloud via the iphone app


I am able to access my cloud account via browser from an external network.
But the iphone app gives me an invalid username/password error when i try to connect.


Are you trying to use the local username and password, or the files.mycloud.com username and password? Or are you using a device activation code (see the ‘cloud devices’ panel on the Dashbaord home page).


I am using the registered user name and password with the account.
I am not sure where to create the files.mycloud.com username/password.
I presumed the registered email address would be sufficient.
I dont see an device activation code option. I only see a social and cloud import option under services tab.


That won’t work. You need the files.mycloud.com credentials, or an activation code.

I suggest you download and read the User Manual, which explains all of this.


Does this need Win 10 64 bit. I have a 32 bit and i am wondering if that is the issue. It does not detect the device during the discovery and does not allow adding it manually.


You said the problem was with your iPhone. How does Windows come into this?

What ‘discovery’ are you talking about?

As I said; download and read the user manual.


Sorry to be all over. Wd discovery is the desktop app per wd installation manual. The device is not getting detected on the win 10 pc. I wanted to start from that. I have gone through the manual. The device is not getting detected both in win pc and iOS


what “device” do you have? A My Cloud device or a My Cloud Home device? They are NOT the same. I don’t think the WD Discovery program works on/with the My Cloud device (at the moment).


I have the my cloud home


In that case you should see the dedicated subforoum for the My Cloud Home where users more familiar with that product may be able to assist or where there may be past discussions similar to your problem.


One may also want to see if there is relevant discussion in the WD Software and Mobile Apps subsection as well.


Be sure to use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, to search those subforums/subsections to see if there is past discussions similar to your issue.