Wd discovery nightmare WDBVXC0030HWT-EESN

hi all,

having issue with wd discovery for my mycloudhome, it will not sign in at all.

the dive appears in my network folder in windows explorer and i can log into it through https://home.mycloud.com but the app wont sign in, ive uninstalled it and reinstalled it several time as well as rebooting my pc loads of times along with the router and the cloud device its self.

ive also tried several differnt fixes ive found on the web and still nothing, when i click on the drive in my network it shows me public folder but nothing else.

please help


nobody knows?

now im getting this, please help

@jetfire1383 have you check the Knowledge Base?
Most issues are local network related such as Firewalls, Routers, Ad Blockers, Anti-Virus Software, Domain Name Resolution issues and network router settings. Have you checked the knowledge base?

My Cloud Home Not Detected, Not Found, Cannot Connect or Device Offline

Answer ID 24283

im still none the wiser, its still not working at all.

most issues involve compromising your network security to accommodate this pig


Is there any hope for this?
Still same problem. My Discovery app takes ages and still not logging in.

Would appreciate some expert’s help on this. Thanks.

doubtful, i am still having issues.

seems to work on my wifes basic pc no issue and her crappy laptop, just not my big expensive pc.

still no ideas how to fix this?

shame as wd products are my go to for hard drives, maybe its time to move to another brand.