Cant see mycloud using WD Smartware Pro


I have had a case open with WD now for many months with no success in finding a resolution so would like to know if anyone else is suffering the same issue. I have a WD Mycould home device and a WD Passport which i use both for backup purposes and have always been visible as a backup devices via WD Smartware pro s/w. A couple of months ago when i opened WD Smartware it recognized my WD Passport but not My Cloud device. However if i then opened WD Discovery s/w that instantly recognized My Cloud device and simultaneously it then appeared in my WD Smartware ? So currently if i just open WD Smartware i can NOT see My Cloud or perform any backups etc - however as soon as i open WD Discovery it is recognized in both WD Smartware and discovery with full functionality. I am disappointed with the level of WD support as they have offered multiple scripts on checking my network and router configs and also re loading s/w etc all of which have not resolved the issue.
Has anyone else suffered the same issue or can provide any potential solution to a very irritating issues.


@HT1 Sounds like you have a My Cloud and not a My Cloud Home. My Cloud is bundled with WD Smartware Pro and does not support the My Cloud Home. Sounds like you have a software conflict between the following software families

My Cloud

  • WD Smartware Pro
  • WD Quick View

My Passport

  • WD Discovery v1.3

Please PM me you support case number and the following information

  • OS Version and Build
  • WD Smartware Pro Version
  • WD QuickView Version if installed
  • WD Discovery Version
  • any other WD software and version installed



you are correct i only have My Cloud and not My Cloud Home.

As requested please find -

WD Case ID = #113017-12513459

  • OS Version and Build = Windows 10 Home 64 bit
  • WD Smartware Pro Version =
  • WD QuickView Version if installed = NOT INSTALLED
  • WD Discovery Version = unable to locate ver number ?
  • any other WD software and version installed - no other WD s/w installed