WD cloud EX4 RAID solution lost user directory with all our

Our new WD EX4 cloud raid “solution” lost all our precious data. It disappeared our user directory inside the public directory will all our data. The raid is configured with four 4Tb drives. Our data is still there because the WD EX4 Raid “solution” reports only 951gb free. The problem is that the EX4 file system or firmware update, does not show the user directory that has all our stored data. The user login and password is still accesible, but all of the user’s disappeared.

It seems other WD clients and users have also been victims of WD EX4 Raid “solution” file systems errors and have lost all their data in similar situation than us. If you got WD EX4 Raid “solution” for extra storage data security please CAUTION!!! Do not fall in the same trap our lab is now with over 10TB of data lost somewhere inside the WD EX4 Raid “solution” is not reliable.

Until now we are still waiting for WD support to provide instructions to recover our data from WD EX4 Raid “solution”.

Other victims of WD EX4 Raid “solution”:

Any orientation from any WD community member that has solved this tragic issue will be much appreciated.

Our case number that has not yet receive response from WD support has the following number:

020818-12709309 case number

WD do not answer that quickly… Very, very bad service, and very bad product

EX4 is barely fit for running in a home environment. If you are running this in a small office/enterprise, do yourself a huge favour and eat the cost of moving to a different solution.

I just had the same thing happen to data on our EX4, although not on as large a scale, about 100gig. The data just disappeared however when looking at the dashboard “Other” appears to have the data but I can’t find it. WD solution was to send me a link of their preferred data recovery vendors.

Did you ever get this resolved?