Loss of raid configuration on system restore


I recently performed a system restore on my EX4 and on reboot, the admin panel displays a caution indicating that no volumes are configured (I am using raid 5).

Similar to this post, the restore took only a matter of minutes and as I had ~5TB of data I dot not believe that all of my data could have been lost in this time.

All 4 disks are showing up as healthy however the admin panel shows I have 0.00 MB of free space.

I have searched this forum but have not found any solution for this issue. 

I would be very greatful for suggestions / help!

Hello and welcome to the WD Community.

What firmware are you running on this drive? 

Please note that the quick factory restore will erase all the data and shares on the unit. 

As a recommendation, try looking for a data recovery software that works with network units.

Thanks ERmorel.

I’ve just edited the terminology of my original post as I performed a “system restore” from the admin panel rather than a factory reset (although this may well be the same thing).

I would be surprised and also very disapointed if this has resulted in data loss given the information icon in the admin panel specifically says: “Restores your device to factory default settings with no data loss. To erase all the data on your drive, use the format disk option in Settings > Utilities.”

I am running firmware v 1.05.36.