Shared folder disappeared in WD MyCloud EX4100

I am facing an issue with WD MyCloud EX4100, one Shared Folder disappear, i wondering how could it happend that folder itself having 4TB important data, my setup is 6TBx4 bay RAID 5 configured. now remaining storage capacity showing 750GB free.
I restarted the server too, but not came back that folder.
Please any one help me to solve this issue. TanQ


I don’t own the same device as you but on mine, a WDMYCLOUD, I would do a search for the folder. Do you remember the name of the folder. See example search image below. Click on, tap, or activate image to enlarge it. I have Windows 10 Pro and open My Cloud with File Explorer.

I’ve been waiting for a week on both the “Shared” as well as now on the “Storage” folder. At one point they had said it had been fixed but it is kind of a tease. It was shut down a day later. If anybody hears anything please let me know.