WD Backup doesn't recognise my MyCloud Home

I’ve got a 6TB MyCloud Home Duo with all the software installed. My PC recognises it no trouble. WD Backup fails to detect it. Is this as expected? How do I backup to this? Anyone have any backup software recommendations?

Hi caroza,

Please know WD Backup is not supported by WD My Cloud Home.

You can refer to the link mentioned below to know how to take backup in WD My Cloud Home.


Thank you - this was helpful. For anyone else trying to do this, it’s a bit tricky as the instructions for configuring the 3rd party software are of necessity sparse.

I’m using Acronis True Image Home and this is how I got it going :

  1. Turn the MyCloud Home device upside down and find its MAC address (which is printed on the bottom in field MAC1)
  2. Open a command prompt in Windows 10 and type arp -a
    (arp - address resolution protocol - maps all the physical mac addresses on your network to IP addresses)
    You will get a list of IP addresses on your home network and the MAC addresses of the devices they represent. Find and make a note of the IP address that corresponds to your MyCloud Home’s MAC address.
  3. Open the backup software, create a new backup and (in Acronis) click on the destination block and then on browse. If it doesn’t detect your MyCloud Home:
  4. type the IP address from 2 above into the address bar with 2 backslashes in front of it, eg
    \\ and hit enter.
  5. It will try to create a folder called \public, and I added another folder under that to identify the machine being backed up. (It then started dropping the connection repeatedly, and after a few attempts asked me for credentials.)
  6. If asked for credentials supply your MyCloud.com login and password (sounds odd but it worked).

The only remaining concern is where the backup folders are - I think they’re SMB shares and I can’t currently see them on the device via the share drive letter. But I’ll worry about that when the backup is complete.

Hi caroza,

You can refer to the link mentioned below to know how to use Acronis True Image WD Edition Backup to a WD My Cloud or My Cloud Home.