New My Cloud not recognised

I have set up my My Cloud Home on my apple devices (IPad and Phone) with no issues and it is backing up fine. I am trying to set up on my PC (Windows 7) using WD smartware but the device is not being recognised. It will not give me a backup target, both are connected to my home network via cables. I have tried setting up using WD backup but it will only identify dropbox. Any pointers?

Hey @IvorH,

The WD Smartware software is not compatible with My Cloud Home that is why it is not detected by the software.

As you are looking for the automatic backup feature, you may go for the Windows inbuilt Backup Software - File History.

Cyber_Dragon Many thanks for the advice. Windows backup is still not seeing My Cloud Home! I have the Cloud connected direct into my modem and the desk top plugged into my home distribution network - not wireless which is how my other devices connect.

Hey @IvorH,

Since you are using My Cloud Home, the only compatible software to backup computers data is Windows Backup and Restore.Click Here for the instructions for the setup.