Vote of Zero Confidence to Western Digital Solution and Customer Service

Hi WD Team,

I started reaching out to WD customer service on 29 October 2015, there has been some to and fro email chat with regards to WD safepoint error to reproduce the foreign filename characters from MBL no. 1 to MBL no. 2. MBL no. 1 has no problem to display those foreign character filenames, but safepoint fails big time on MBL no. 2.

Support ref:_00DU0Jpn7._500U0OY7nv:ref

It is unbelieveable that you guys delayed the fix of the issue by allowing the warranty period to lapse. And if you are claiming the product is working alright, I need to preserve some characters file name for the safepoint operation.

It is OK if you guys have no methods to fix my problem by having any new firmware update, but I am OK to go back to the original source MBL no. 1 and rename them all to UTF 8 or whatever file naming convention that can display foreign characters and correctly processed in safepoint into MBL no. 2.

Your lack of support in providing a fix and help from Western Digital is disturbing compared to your competitor.

Sorry to writing this nasty message but so you know that I have been using manual Free File Sync software to doing my backup all the time.

Sorry to hear that.

Are both units running the same firmware version?

Have you tried renaming the files?

What type of files are you having issues with?

Hi, thanks for response. I have hundreds of audio CD’s, a ballpark of 50% are in foreign language, for those foreign language CD’s in simplified Chinese, I took the effort of renaming each and every file name exactly without English translation to preserve the original names.

Both run the same firmware version 02.43.10-048

I tried renaming the file names to English yes it works, but as mentioned above I am not going this way. I am exploring Bulk Rename Utility or its equivalent software to convert them all to UTF-8 which I’m guessing should provide a fix (except that I don’t think Bulk Rename Utility can do this), although I haven’t tried that myself.

These are all uncompressed wave files. But they can happen to any files as long as the filenames are encoded differently.

A simple Free File Sync fixes all problems, it’s a simple solution from a third party freeware that WD as a large corp is not able to come up with due to its OS limitation. But FFS needs certain proactive PC triggering event to get it running, unlike background Safepoint operation that it will execute the command by its own without having any triggering event from a PC.