Safepoints broken due to wrong encoding of filenames

I use SafePoints with my MyBookLive (1TB, newest firmware 02.32.05-046 : Core F/W) to backup my data to a share on a Windows 7 PC.

However, all filenames on my MBL which contain non-English characters are screwed up on the Windows share.


MBL: “Bücher” => PC share: “Bücher”

Looks like a bug with UTF encoding which makes this advertised feature completely useless!

Any hints or recommendations?

Thanks, Hans

that looks like a PC issue and not MBL.

It might have to do with locale and language.

Thanks Shabuboy, but this we can safely exclude. The windows help entry you are referring to addresses old _local_ windows programs which have problems with locale.

In my case however no local progam is involved. Furthermore, I for sure checked that the Windows share is behaving correctly if I connect to it from other systems (laptop, smartphone). All can nicely create those filename with non-English characters in a correct way.

Therefore I need to assume that the issue is indeed on the MBL side.

So, any further hints and help is highly appreciated!