Using two WDMyCloud devices connected to one PC

I have a MyCloud 6TB drive and a new MyCloudEX2 Ultra 16TB device. The only way I was able to set up the new device was to use a different e mail address and password. I can only log in and access one drive at a time. Is there an easy way to set up both using the same e mail address? Perhaps this question has been answered before and someone could point me to the answer.

Many thanks.

How are you trying to access them? I have two WDMYCLOUDS, different e-mail address and passwords, but I don’t have a problem accessing them. The image below is from using Windows 10 Pro, file explorer.

Thanks for your reply.

I have two different e mail address and passwords as you do. I presume you cannot share the e mail address to access both drives? Only one of my drives appears in my network locations… whichever one I logged into most recently.

I can access them through a browser but need to log in to each one with different e mail address etc and only one at a time.