Can't add another MyCloud Home Drive


I have a My Cloud Home Drive (2TB) working fine, but I got another drive (6TB) that will eventually be the one I will use. For some time I wanted to use both, but I can’t add this new one. The white led is solid, it’s connected to an ethernet port just next to the other drive (that it’s working fine)… but I can’t add it.

I have tried to go to but I only get to my dashboard, and can’t find any option to add new device. The WD Discovery app only shows my existing drive…

Anyone who can clarify this? Thanks

I have been trying different options. If I go to and don’t login, but create a new account, I can add the new drive!!! So it’s a problem with adding another drive when you have one already.


As of today, My Cloud Home does not support more than one device associated per email address.
SOLUTION: Use two different email address for each My Cloud Home device.


My Cloud Home #1:
My Cloud Home #2:

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I can’t believe it! Please, this is a very important issue you must solve ASAP!

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WD- Your sales pictures explicitly show multiple devices/units together for My Cloud indicating that multiple units can be used together. And sales people also indicated that could be done. That was a key factor in purchasing; I pefer to have multiple small units vice one single large unit to spread the risk impact of failure (i.e. 2x4TB=8TB vice single 8TB unit)
Using multiple email addresses is non-functional from one local computer.

WD-Please let us know if chaining together multiple units is on the list of items to improve and implement? If so, what is ETA?

I have the exact same problem.
I explicitly asked the sales woman if I could link my new my cloud duo to my existing account, so I wouldn’t have to use two email addresses.
She said yes.

It’s 2018, this should be a no-brainer.